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Like conventional hip joint replacement anterior hip joint replacement replaces the worn out hip joint with an artificial prosthesis. The difference between the conventional hip replacement and the anterior hip joint replacement is purely the technique used by our surgeons to access the hip joint itself. Total hip replacement via the anterior approach allows our surgeons to access the hip joint from an incision at the front of the hip. Using this approach means that less muscle and nerves are interfered with allowing quicker recovery, less chance of dislocation and a more comfortable recovery phase for the patient. Not all patients are amenable to having their hip replacement performed via this approach. Our surgeons will discuss with you at the time of your consultation to determine whether the anterior approach would be a viable option for you.

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The conventional (or posterior) total hip replacement has been performed for many years and is a successful procedure in the restoration of a worn out hip joint. The osteoarthritic hip joint is replaced by an artificial hip joint (prosthesis) which aids in the reduction of pain and helps to restore normal hip joint function. It is an extremely successful procedure with the majority of patients seeing a marked improvement in their quality of life.

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Revision hip replacement may need to be performed when your initial hip replacement no longer functions, causes pain or becomes loose. Revision hip replacement surgery can be quite minor or can be quite complex and this is dependent on numerous factors. Our surgeons are experts in the field of revision surgery on the hip joint and will provide you with your treatment options at consultation.

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Hip arthroscopy is a procedure generally utilised in the young adult in the diagnosis and treatment of hip conditions. CAM lesions, pincer impingement and labral tears are some of the disease processes that can be treated via hip arthroscopy. Similar to knee arthroscopy, a small camera is inserted into the hip joint to enable intra-operative diagnosis. With the use of highly specialised instrumentation our surgeons are able to treat some conditions whilst performing the hip arthroscopy.

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