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First appointment

Please ring our rooms to make an appointment on 9650 7828.  Alternatively you can request an appointment by clicking on the link below:

Make an Appointment

At your first appointment you will also be asked to fill out a registration form.  This can be completed online or you can download here.

At your first appointment our surgeons will take the time to evaluate your condition and will ensure that you understand your diagnosis completely.  Based on your evaluation, you may be advised to have more specific imaging like X-rays, MRI or CT scan.  Recommended treatment may involve conservative therapies such as medications and physical therapy, or it may involve surgical intervention.  No matter the determined course of treatment, you will be an active participant in the process.

What to bring:

  • Referral Letter from a general practitioner or a specialist.  It is a Medicare requirement that you have a referral letter from another doctor (usually your GP) as without it you cannot claim the Medicare rebate for your consultation.  Please note that referrals from a GP last for 12 months and referrals from a specialist lasts only for 3 months.
  • Relevant recent investigative films or discs eg. x-rays, CT scan, MRI scan and ultrasounds etc.
  • Relevant information pertaining to your medical history, including current medications and ongoing medical problems.
  • We can claim directly to Medicare and/or your private health insurance fund on your behalf, however we will require your Medicare card, Veteran Affairs card and your Private Health Fund details.  Please check with your health fund prior to your first consultation as to your level of cover, i.e. particularly any exclusions that may affect your surgical procedure.

Workcover & TAC patients only

We will require your Workcover or TAC claim details.  This includes the claim number, date of accident, place of accident, Case Manager etc.  This is usually on any correspondence you may have received from Workcover or TAC so a copy of their letter may suffice.  If your claim is still during the patient/employer liability phase, you will be required to pay the account at the time of consultation.

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