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Appointment fees:

All patients are requested to pay for their consultation on the day of your appointment.  There will be an out of pocket cost for your consultation and full payment of the account is required at the time of consultation.  Our staff are able to claim the Medicare component of your account electronically for you at the time of consultation.  We do not bulk bill.   Preferred method of payment is EFTPOS or Credit Card.

Veterans Affairs are billed directly for Gold Card Holders.  There is no out of pocket cost for DVA patients.

Workcover and TAC will be billed directly if the patient has a current and valid claim number.   If no claim number can be supplied the account becomes the responsibility of the patient and payment is required in full on the day of consultation.  Generally this account can be claimed through Workcover or TAC by the patient themselves.

Surgery fees:

For patients requiring surgery an estimate of the costs involved with your operation will be provided to you at the time of booking your surgical procedure.  Please note that all costs may not be covered entirely by your health fund and Medicare, leaving you an out-of-pocket (GAP) to pay.  The gap payment can vary and is dependent upon the surgery you are having performed and the level of private health insurance cover you hold.  Please contact our admin team if you would like further information regarding surgery costs.

Veterans Affairs are billed directly for any surgery required by Gold Card holders.  There will be no out of pocket cost at all to the patient.

Written acceptance of liability is required for all Workcover and TAC patients to undergo surgery and this needs to be obtained prior to booking a surgical procedure.  Once acceptance of liability has been received the surgical procedure is booked and the patient bears no out of pocket cost for the operation.

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